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Broken File Remover - ERS - ENDO Removal System

ERS system is a universal set of instruments dedicated to the removal of broken files from root canals under visual control by Dental microscope. 

Tip - Endo Removal System I
Endo Removal System - Tip I
ERS Endo Removal System Handle + Tip I

ERS - Endo Removal System

Upgraded by dr Krzysztof Gończowski

The ERS system is a universal set of instruments dedicated to the removal of broken parts of endodontic instruments from root canals under visual control (surgical microscope).

The system is easy to use and cheap in maintenance – IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO BUY ANY CONSUMABLE ELEMENTS! 

All the parts of the ERS system are intended for multiple disinfection and sterilization.

Handle - Endo Removal System I


  • One universal screwable handle matching all the types of working tips

  • Light construction and ergonomical design

  • Universal for both the right-handed and the left-handed dentists

  • Adapted to work in every position of operator’s hand grip

  • Ergonomic trigger lever enables to regulate the strength of the grip on broken instrument

Working Tip 0,55 mm -
Working Tip 0,7 mm -
Working Tip 0,8 mm -
Working Tip 1,0 mm -
Diameter External Internal -

The angle of convergence of the movable wedge is chosen in a way to effectively block inside the tube both the thinnest instruments with a low angle of convergence, and modern rotary or reciprocal files with a high angle of convergence (even up to 8 degrees).

Movable Wedge -
Movable Wedge Tip -
Movable Wedge + File -

Working tip with the movable wedge

Manufactured in 4 sizes (outer diameter of the tube) 1.0mm, 0.8mm, 0.7mm and 0.55mm. The wall thickness of the tube is 0.1mm, and the depth of the embossment is 0.2mm. This means that with the use of a 1.00mm tip it is possible to grip broken instruments with a maximum diameter of approx. 0.3mm (2×0.1mm of the wall + 2×0.2mm of the circular embossment + a minimum of 0.1mm of free space for the blocking wedge), whereas with the 0.8mm tip – instruments with a maximum diameter of 0.1mm.

Just behind the circular embossment there are two opposite microwindows with a diameter of 1mm / 0.4mm. They allow to insert the tube onto the broken instrument at an acute angle (and not only 180°), while still observing it under the microscope! It is a unique feature of the ERS system!

ERS - Endo Removal System -

Inside the tip there is a strong spring, which guarantees smooth and extremely simple operation of the system thanks to the function of automatic reversing of the movable blocking wedge in the case of releasing the pressure on the trigger („blow back system”). Long travel of the trigger combined with a strong spring tension ensures the doctor a high comfort of work, because it is possible to choose the strength of the grip of the broken instrument very precisely by the degree of pulling out the blocking wedge. The system of automatic return of the wedge to the starting position (hidden inside the tube outside the microwindows) after releasing the pressure on the trigger – „blow back system” – allows quick and effective work in the root canal in case of not gripping the broken instrument. There is no need to perform ANY additional steps to repeat the attempt to grip the broken instrument in the root canal – just release the pressure on the trigger!

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